Saturday, October 26, 2013


This week of the course was rather hard.
We had to read and discuss lots of materials dealing class activities while working with listening, speech, phonetics and so on. The resources proposed are really helpful and I have already used some ideas at the lessons.
We had to create a delicious page. The process was exciting but the most interesting part was visiting the pages of  my course mates, I have found lots of resources and sites which are really interesting, I haven`t looked all of them through so I am still in the process.
We had to read and analyze the projects which were created by the participants of the same course the previous years. I read the project by Aleyda Linares from National Pedagogical University of Honduras.This project is oriented to undergraduate students who are Spanish native speakers and are willing to learn English. The author focused her attention to the grammar aspect and the program aims to develop students' grammatical competence.  The author hopes to stimulate students` motivation and introduce technology into the learning process.
Creating a blog with lots of useful grammatical resources and links is a variant for realizing her ideas. I have had such an experience myself (though my blog was concentrated on different aspects not only grammar) and I think that it is a worthy way out.
I like the project proposed for analysis as it is well-planned, all the details are included and it is practically oriented. I like the way issues were handled and the solution applied.
So I am thinking about my project...


  1. Hi Inesa

    It was rather busy week. there was a lot of reading project, articles, creating delicious page and summarizing projects and posting on nicenet. you have done well. All we are doing well. we learned many things in this week. Hope to learn much in coming weeks mutually.

  2. Hi Inesa,
    You are right, this week we worked a lot.
    Many useful readings and discovery of nice websites.
    Delicious end of week.

    1. Hope this hard work was really enjoyable for everybody!
      Good luck next week

  3. I visited Russia a long time ago, when I was in eighth grade, I remember beautiful landscapes and very nice people, I´d like to visit the black sea again.
    It is amazing that I am connecting to a russian teacher after so many years thanks to the University of Oregon.
    It was abusy week and I am eager to start the next one.
    Best wishes,
    Domingo from Arica-Chile

  4. For me, I have read two of them and I liked Camelia's plan the most for her various methods of teaching and her approaches.I am going to read the rest as soon as I get a chance.
    Good luck,
    Waseem Z.