Thursday, November 14, 2013


One more week is almost over… What a fruitful week it was! So many materials, so many activities, techniques and so many ideas how to use them in class.
I have tried to classify all the activities proposed in the articles for discussion according to the lesson type: while teaching listening, writing, speaking, reading, grammar and vocabulary training. Some of the activities described in the articles are known to me and I use them very often but it was really curious how they are interpretated. I also described the activity I often use in class, it is so called "traffic lights technique", which is useful for organizing differenciation in a big class.
I have made two interaction presentations: one is aimed at practising Passive Voice and the other is a n interactive support for the lesson "My English Studies", you`ll find an audio file for practising listening skills and some interactive tasks on phrasal verbs. (the links are on our wiki page)
I like such kinds of presentations as they stimulate students` activity, and you see the feedback, more over it contributes to students` motivation.
This week I have decided to try my ideas in class.The project I plan should be a kind of interactive support for my students` course of English as a foreing language. I have made one more page on my blog ( and added there some links for the tasks I made with the help of one more tool -
I proposed my students to do these exersices both in class and at home, and by far they like it very much.


  1. Hi Inesa,
    You have posted your blog nicely . More than blog you have professional power point presentation about passive voice and English language.You arranged very suitable pictures with voice .This can be very helpful materials for my students too.
    Thanks Tika

  2. Hello Inesa,
    Good post! I had never heard about the traffic lights technique before. It caught my attention and I already started to do some research about it. It is great to see how we all can share new resources among us through our blogs. And thank you for all the links posted in your other website. LearningApps is such a great website! :)

  3. Hi Inesa,
    I viewed you one of the power point presentations, teaching passive voice. It found it quite useful. The way you use animation was attractive and the pictures you used were relevant to the content. Great job! Keep it up!
    Batuk Lal Tamang

  4. Hello Inesa,

    You were lucky enough to teach large classes. For me, I haven't had that kind of experience yet. I am interested in your method " traffic lights technique" and how you used it in your large classes.

    Wow! You had the energy and time to create not one, but two PowerPoint presentation. I have checked them and they are very interesting. Your idea for your project and the feedback you get from your students is also very encouraging.

    Great job!


  5. Hi Inesa,
    I agree with Kyi that you are really lucky to have enough time to create to very attractive PPT ,which I am asking your permission to use during my next classes.

    Good Luck,

  6. Hi Inesa,

    You've generated a lot of dialogue from your course mates with your week 6 reflection, how wonderful! I love seeing further collaboration among the Webskills participants. Sharing the "Traffic Lights" technique has peaked interests. It's great that you've introduced it in your post.

    It was particularly nice to hear that your students are enjoying the tools you've implemented for your final project.

    Thanks for a great blog update!