Sunday, December 1, 2013


This week was a very exciting one. Most of us posted our first drafts on our wiki page. Besides, we have learnt the tools introduced by our guest instructor Jeff.
I found some tools fantastic which I wanted to look for on the websites, for example:

1) word search, bingo, crossword puzzles, and board games:    They are great as well as interesting.

2) Lanternfish - flash cards, bingo games, matching, multiple choice exercises to print out:

3) Easy Test Maker (paper tests):
really helpful materials for the teachers.
Regarding ANVIL, I have surfed the web and tried out some activities set by the moderator. Now  I know how such labs can be used in the online course.
I used lots of materials from this site while making my Smartboard presentation. It is  helpful, full of activities, flashcards, and board games. What makes it more interesting is that you can also make your own games using their flashcards. I think this is a must-see and use for teachers. 

6) The POWERPOINT file about CREATING WIKI was like treasure to me. It summed up everything about creating a wiki and what we can do with wiki.


  1. Hi Inesa,
    This week was really exciting. The PPT about creating a wiki was also very useful. I still have to create a wiki though.



  2. Hi Inesa,
    I do agree with you that this week was a very exciting one with so useful tools.
    I think it is the time to say goodbye for eachother.
    My best wishes,